Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's here, It's here...It's FINALLY time!!!

I've had a secret and it's been killing me keeping it because I have been so excited about it! It's so awesome that I've had a VERY hard time not sharing it with anyone and I FINALLY get to let the cat outta the bag!

Have you seen the way I have been linking my supplies at the end of my posts? Go ahead, scroll down...check it out, I'll wait...Yup, those are the ones...did ya ever wonder how I did that?  Inlinkz...that wonderful linky thing that we all use when we enter challenges...yeah, that one...well, the wonderful folks over there have been HARD at work bringing us the "link manager". This tool allows you to pool all of your supplies in one place and create lists of products just by draging and dropping...SWEET right??  It's so easy to do and what a time saver!!

Here's a little video to help you understand just how easy and awesome it is...

In celebration of the launch, Inlinkz is letting you try it out for free! Now who doesn't like something for free, right?!?! Here's a coupon code that you can use when you register: 40415796. This coupon will let you in for free until December...go ahead and give it a test know you want too! ;) 

Let me know what you think...I'm sure you're gonna love it!

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